News - 2014

30.8.2015 Finnish Toydog Union's Dogshow Kaivopuisto, Helsinki

Challenge cup East Bostons Jelena "Nala" Mr. Iipo's happy puppy Trophy + photoalbum for the puppy whom best express the breed.

Judge: Hans Lehtinen, Finland.

9.8.2015 Joensuu dogshow

East Bostons Valencia "Helmi" BOB, BOB-junior, CAC.
East Bostons Freya "Saara" Excellent, CQ, 2nd Best female, RCAC.
East Bostons Herkules "Nestori" Excellent, 1st in Junior Class.
East Bostons Cristiano "Viljo" 2nd Best puppy.

Judge: Gabriela Ridarcikova, Slovakia.

Many thanks to assistants and everyone present!

Viljo Helmi
Saara Helmi

8.8.2015 Joensuu dogshow

East Bostons Janiela "Aino" BOB puppy.
Up To Date Tequilla Sunrise "Luke" BOS and CACIB.
East Bostons Freya "Saara" 1st in Young class, Excellent, CQ, 2nd Best female, CACIB and RCAC.
East Bostons Valencia "Helmi" Excellent, CQ, 3rd Best female.
East Bostons Herkules "Nestori" Very Good.
East Bostons Cristiano "Viljo" 2nd Best Puppy.

Tuomari: Carole Garhöfer, Austria.

Many thanks to all from a very nice day!

Saara Helmi Luke

1.8.2015 Iisalmi dogshow

East Bostons Jelena "Nala" BOB puppy.
Up To Date Tequilla Sunrise "Luke" Excellent, 1st in Champion class, 2nd Best Male, CQ and RCACIB.

Judge: Paavo Mattila, Finland.

21.6.2015 Tromssa dogshow Norway

Aro Iris Tribute To Legacy "Romeo" 2nd Best Male, RCAC & RCACIB.

Tuomari: Margret Möller-Sieber, German.

27.6.2015 Gällivare dogshow Sweden

Aro Iris Tribute To Legacy "Romeo" 2nd Best Male, CACIB & RCAC.

Tuomari: Tiina Taulos, Finland.

20.6.2015 Rovaniemi dogshow

Romeo Finnish Champion!

Aro Iris Tribute To Legacy "Romeo" BOS, CAC & FI CH.

Judge: Julija Aidietiene, Lithuania.

13.6.2015 Heinävesi dogshow

Luke Finnish Champion!

Up To Date Tequilla Sunrise "Luke" BOB, CAC, FI CH.

Judge: Saija Juutilainen, Finland.

6.6.2015 Keitele dogshow

East Bostons Faust "Mosse" Excelent, CQ, 1st in Young class, CAC and BOB.

Judge: Marja Talvitie, Finland.

Congratulations Mosse and Satu
of this fine achievement.

Click for bigger.

7.6.2015 Mynämäki dogshow

Risto Finnish Champion!

East Bostons Tristan "Risto" CQ, BOS, CAC, FI CH.

Judge: Åsa Andersson, Sweden.

17.5.2015 Rauma dogshow

East Bostons Tristan " Risto" Excellent, 1st in Open class, CQ, 1st Best Male, CAC, BOS.

Judge: Norman Deschuymere, Belgium.

Pieksämäki 2.5.2015 and Varkaus 16.5.2015 dogshows


Arco Iris Tribute To Legacy "Romeo" Excellent, CQ, 1st in Open class, 2nd Best Male & RCAC
East Bostons Freya "Saara" 2nd in Junior class

Judge: Juha Putkonen, Finland.


Arco Iris Tribute To Legacy "Romeo" Excellent, CQ, 1st in Open class, 2nd Best Male, RCAC & RCACIB

Judge: Pedro Bispo, Portugal.

23.4.2015 Match Show, Nokia

East Bostons Casper "Leo" took his fist trophy at a match show in a puppy class at Nokia.
The puppy class has 13 participants..

And the judge was Reetta Orava.

Warm congratulations to Leo and Marika of this fine success.

18.4.2015 Outokumpu dogshow

East Bostons Etna 1st in Open Class, Excellent, CQ, 2nd Best Female, RCAC
Arco Iris Tribute To Legacy 1st in Open Class, Excellent

Judge: Poletaeva Irina, Russia

Romeo & Etna

21.4.2015 East Bostons Jerry "Yoda"

17.3.2015 Girls

17.3.2015 Summer bee

Summer bee came to visit in Ilomantsi, though only in form of a picture.

21.2.2015 Pello: dogshow

East Bostons Herkules Excellent, CQ, CAC and BOS
Judge: Juha Putkonen, Finland

3.2.2015, East Bostons Puppies 2015 :)

Klick the picture for a bigger image.

Puppy news!

East Bostons Verona "Armi" puppies born on 20.12.2014; 2 boys and 3 girls. Litters father will be announced once descend is confirmed.